MOS za novice

49th MOS – September 2016

Visit our company at the 49th MOS – International Trade and Business Fair!

MOS is the most important business fair in Slovenia and the Region. The event is taking place from 13th to 18th of September in Celje, Slovenia.

We will be presenting our core acticity of system integration in the field of electric mobility including a full service of propulsion systems, custom made battery packs, charging system, control board, wiring and if needed a full installation support.

We would like to help you to bring to the market clean and efficient transport systems.

You can find our company at the stand of Canadian Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

podim conf 2016

Podim conference from 11th to 12th of May 2016

E-Skat Ltd will be visiting Podim conference 2016 from 11th to 12th of May 2016.

PODIM 2016 | Hidden forces of startups

How startups revolutionize a business and its environment

PODIM is the largest conference on startups, entrepreneurship and innovation in the Alps-Adriatic region! This year in its 36th year, it remains an epic two-day educational, networking and motivational experience. An event that no true entrepreneur or intrapreneur should miss! 

PODIM 2016 will focus on the topic “Hidden forces of startups or how startups revolutionize a business and its environment.” We will reveal the disruptive forces that change all aspects of life and business and sometimes entirely turn around the way a society, including industries, functions.

Visit the official site for more information.


E-Skat, Innovative Systems, Ltd

“Silent power of technology”

E-Skat Ltd is a startup company founded in the beginning of 2015. Our primary objective is to develop and bring to market electric outboard motors for boat propulsion on sea and inland waters.

They are clean, silent and need low maintenance so they presents themselves as the best alternative to combustion engine outboards especially for use in the areas where the environmental restrictions limit their use.

Recreational fisherman can use our propulsion to get to their favorite fishing spot fast and also use it for silent maneuvering. The motor is powerful enough for using it in water sports and also for commercial water transport like tourist boats and rafts. Boat builders have a great opportunity to improve their designs with our product.

Of course a full service can be provided additionally including battery packs (adapted to individual customer application), charging system, control board, wiring and if needed a full installation support.

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