In addition to a 30 kW outboard motor, a new powerfull 50kW outboard motor has been designed. It is silent, 100% electric, efficient, durable and weighs only 95kg.

Preorders are possible at the end of year 2016.

The team is now also designing a new, smaller, lighter and more efficient system for smaller boats. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

While a significant majority of water jets are powered by diesel engines, jets powerd by electricity are also becoming popular. They are quiet, make no emissions, but are still powerful and durable.

If you are interesting in integrating a system on electric propulsion into your water jet, contact us!

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A used bus was fully refurbished, with new interior and exterior design and fitted with high end components. The result was a full electric buss adapted to customer specific requirements.

The vehicle is quiet with 100% electric drive, has low consumption, high power density, and makes zero emission.

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